Are You Eligible?
Think you have what it takes? JUMPSTARTER 2021 is open to startups from all around the world that fulfil the following requirements:
Operating for
less than 5 years
Raised less than US$20 million in funding to date
Currently between the Seed and Series C stages of funding
Desire to make Hong Kong part of their future plans
Possess an innovative product or service
What Do You Need?

Teams are required to submit their pitch deck via the Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund Service Platform ( . The pitch deck should consist of the following:


A PowerPoint presentation of up to 15 slides in PDF format, including but not limited to:

  1. Founder Background and Story
  2. Team Profile
  3. Value Proposition and Product/Services Description
  4. Market Size and Target Segment Analysis
  5. Business Model
    • Pricing, Cost and Unit Economics
    • Acquisition, Distribution and Supply Chain
    • Entry Barrier and Competitive Analysis
    • Scalability, Growth and Risk Factors
    • Historical Milestone, Operation & Financial Traction and Future Development Plan
  6. Fundraising History and Plan
  7. Hong Kong Nexus
    • Team Background and Current Operation
    • Future Plan

A 2 to 3-min Video Presentation/Corporate Video

Online Screening & Scoring
  • The first round of screening and scoring is processed online by AEF
  • A total of 200 teams will be shortlisted for Round 1 of the Semi-Pitches
Wild Cards

Two wild cards are provided. Teams are allowed to re-enter and submit their pitch deck if they have not been shortlisted.


On Pitch Day

Present your business pitch ideas in either English, Cantonese or Mandarin

Present your pitch deck in English only

Our pitch timer will begin once you start your pitch on stage

Semi Pitch (Round 1) [Top 200]

  • Each shortlisted startup takes part in 1:1 online pitch
  • 5-min presentation + 3-min Q&A
  • Top 20 Teams are selected by AEF & Partners for Round 2

Semi Pitch (Round 2) [Top 20]

  • Each startup is required to submit 1-min Video in advance
  • 3-min presentation + 5-min Q&A
  • All pitching sessions will be recorded and publicly presented as 4 episodes of webcast
  • Top 10 Teams are selected by a panel of judges for Final Pitch
Judging Criteria
Innovation and Industry Disruption
  • Evidence of innovative advances in product, service, application, adoption etc
  • Potential to disrupt the relevant industry
  • Value proposition
Market Potential and Business Model & Sustainability
  • Ability of the idea to generate revenue
  • Competitiveness, barriers to entry, first-mover advantages etc
  • Unit economics and scalability
Traction and Further Development Plan
  • Operation and financial metrics, milestones and achievements since inception
  • Forecast and product roadmap
Team Background and Strength
  • Capabilities and expertise to execute the business plan
  • Passion, ambition, vision, culture
Hong Kong Nexus (Founder Background + HK / GBA Plan)
  • Background of founders
  • Plans to utilize Hong Kong to expand the business
  • Evidence of existing or future operation plans in Hong Kong/GBA
Social Impact
  • Contribution to general wellbeing of wider society
Bonus Point
10% (max.)
will be added to your total score if you've taken any initiatives to support your local community to combat COVID-19

Renowned investors. Experienced business leaders. Teams will be selected and ranked by a high-profile judging panel that includes:

  • Investors from International Enterprises
  • Investment Directors of Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund
  • Senior Executives of Alibaba
  • Established Entrepreneurs
  • Key Incubators and Accelerators
Why and how Due Diligence is conducted?

To ensure all finalists are qualified to compete to win up to US$1 million in investment commitment, the top 10 teams are required to go through a due diligence process conducted by the Investment Manager of the Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund before advancing to the FINAL pitch.

Due diligence is a rigorous evaluation of an investment opportunity before the commitment to invest. The process involves an in-depth investigation of the market opportunity, business model, key performance metrics, and management team.